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Product Description

Hair No More Pack

Experience smoother skin with our innovative 2-step hair removal solution designed to remove unwanted hair gently and painlessly as well as effectively discourage hair regrowth.

Each pack contains:
2 x 100ml Skin Doctors Hair No More Cream
1 x 120ml Skin Doctors Hair No More Inhibitor Spray.

The light, yet powerful Hair No More Cream removes unwanted hair in minutes, while the Hair No More Inhibitor Spray is a designed to deter hair growth and minimise the appearance of any re-growth.

The Science

Product Benefits

  • Removes unwanted hair
  • Discourages hair re-growth
  • Nourishes and calms the skin after hair removal
Hair No More Skin Area Diagram

How to Use


  1. Cover unwanted hair with a thick layer of Hair No More Cream. Do not rub in. Leave for 2-3 minutes (face) or 4-5 minutes (body).
  2. Wipe off a small area of cream. If the hair comes away easily, the cream can be rinsed off using cold water (some body hair may take an additional 1-3 minutes)After hair removal and rinsing, dry the skin well.
  3. Then spray the area with Hair No More Inhibitor Spray, and massage into the skin.

Use daily for the first week and twice a week thereafter to maintain hair retarding action. Apply more often if the hair is thick.

NOTE: Hair No More Inhibitor Spray can be used after any method of hair removal and is particularly effective directly after waxing when the product is more easily absorbed into the hair follicle.

Retarding hair growth is a gradual process, and it may be necessary to use Hair No More Inhibitor Spray a number of times over several months to achieve the best results.


Prior to use, patch test both products on two distinct small sections of the treatment area and wait for 24 hours. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Avoid eyes, mouth, damaged, inflamed, or sunburnt skin, sensitive, perianal, and genital areas. Rinse eyes immediately if the product comes into contact with them. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Always follow the instructions.

Hair No More Cream: Contains Thioglycolate and Alkali. Store below 30°C.


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