Instant Facelift


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Product Description

Instant Facelift

Want an instant result without the surgical pain or expense? Instant Facelift contains a matrix of ingredients that once dried holds the skin taut, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst taking years off tired, sagging skin. This product is perfect for an instant pick me up and also acts as a fabulous make-up primer. Vegan friendly formula.

The Science

Product Benefits

  • Instantly improves wrinkles
  • Instantly smooths
  • Make-Up Primer
  • Matte complexion
Instant Facelift Skin Area Diagram

How to Use


  1. After cleansing, dispense a few drops of Instant Facelift on your fingertips
  2. Apply in a circular upward motion on the face, avoiding the eye area
  3. Wait a few minutes to feel the instant effects!

Perfect for an instant pick-me-up, for a special night out or as an everyday cosmeceutical treatment.

Keep out of reach of children.


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