pH Balancing Cleanser

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Product Description

pH Balancing Cleanser 100ml

Skin Doctors pH Balancing Cleanser is a daily facial cleanser that gently purifies and exfoliates, unclogs pores, removes make-up and balances skin for a naturally luminous and flawless complexion. Skin Doctors have created a formula that also primes your skin for maximum cosmeceutical results. It works by removing the barrier of dead skin and impurities that can prevent the absorption of key ingredients, allowing you to get the most from your everyday skincare products.

The Science

Product Benefits

  • Gently cleans and exfoliates
  • Maintains pH balanced skin
  • Primes and prepares skin
  • Improves cosmeceutical results

pH stands for “potential hydrogen” and is used to describe the acid-alkaline ratio. The health of your skin is directly linked to maintaining the right balance between acidity and alkalinity. What does this mean for you? The skin’s barrier, which is known as the acid mantle, is responsible for keeping in lipids and moisture while blocking pollution, toxins and bacteria. For the acid mantle to function at its best you need a slightly acidic pH of 5.5, which helps to avoid the skin becoming too dry, sensitive or inflamed.

Skin Doctors™ pH balancing cleanser is an important first step of your skin care regime for balanced, healthy and younger looking skin.

pH Balancing Cleanser Skin Area Diagram

How to Use


  1. Dampen face and hands with warm water
  2. Apply a liberal amount of pH Balancing Cleanser to the palm and work into a gentle lather
  3. Using fingertips, apply the cleanser in a circular motion to the face and neck, avoiding eye area
  4. Rinse with warm water and pat dry
  5. Use morning and night for maximum results, follow with your Skin Doctors treatment product

Keep out of reach of children.


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