Antarctilyne Plump3


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Product Description

Antarctilyne Plump3

Skin Doctors Antarctilyn Plump3 is a triple action skin plumping treatment that works in just 7 days! The perfect, topical alternative to collagen injections.

Skin Doctors have created this dynamic triple action formula that helps boost collagen synthesis, keep skin uniform and protected from degeneration. The result? Skin appears firmer, smoother and wrinkles appear to ‘fill out’ becoming less visible.

Cumulative Result:
Contains the breakthrough skin plumping ingredient, Trylagen®, which is scientifically proven to almost triple the appearance of collagen type III in just 7 days.

The Science

Product Benefits

  • Increases collagen
  • Deeply hydrates
  • Prevents sagging
  • Plumps wrinkles
Antarctilyne Plump3 Skin Area Diagram

How to Use

Directions: Apply to cleansed skin twice daily, morning and night.

Prior to use, patch test on a small section of the treatment area and wait 24 hours. If irritation develops, discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, broken, damaged or irritated skin. For external use only. Store below 30°C.


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