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Hair No More System Pack

Hair No More System Pack


Skin Doctors Hair No More System Pack is a long-term hair removal system that is completely pain free. It gently and painlessly removes unwanted hair in a matter of minutes and also prevents the hair from growing back. If used regularly, Hair No More™ Inhibitor Spray makes hair grow back sparser, finer and lighter than before, and in some cases the hair doesn’t grow back at all.

Hair No More™ system pack includes:

2 x 100ml hair no more removal cream

1 x 120ml hair no more inhibitor spray

More Information: 

Step 1-Fast, easy, pain-free hair removal cream only takes minutes to work. Blade free razor glides off the cream and hair- no pain, no nicks, no dryness!

Step 2- No More Hair Inhibitor Spray helps minimise hair regrowth. Any hair that does grow back appears softer and sparser than before.


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